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Welcome to Healey Junior, Infant and Nursery School

We are proud to  be part of Batley Multi Academy Trust

https://www.batleymat.co.uk/ and BBEST

Summer Term 2022

Our vision is for every child to:

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

in being:

Confident and having high self-esteem and self-belief

Confident to take managed risks and to not be afraid to make mistakes 

Well-mannered and respectful to all people, places and the environment

Active, independent learners, who can work collaboratively

Excited learners with the opportunity to follow their interests

Proficient in having good knowledge, skills and understanding for lifelong learning

Everything we do at Healey is intended to ensure that the children are happy at school, love learning and become the best that they can be. We appreciate that every child has unique talents, abilities and preferences in learning, and we constantly strive to help each and every child develop the learning skills they will need to thrive as they progress in life. In doing so, we appreciate the need for effective partnerships with parents to ensure that learning continues beyond the school gate.  We have a range of initiatives to support parents, for example: The Learning Together Programme, Family Thrive and Forest School for Families.  We also hold a number of parent initiatives, in school, to strengthen our working partnerships.

In addition to helping our children achieve academically, we also wish to create healthy and active citizens, who care for and respect each other, care for the environment around us, and who make wise behavioural choices. The school is committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum, enriched with regular educational visits and extra curricular activities.  

The importance of emotional and physical well-being is taught primarily through our PE, PHSE and Science programmes, although we have strong cross curricular links throughout the curriculum. 

Our shared values underpin school life and are embedded in our weekly assemblies.  This, together with the skills and dedication of our staff, allows Healey Junior, Infant and Nursery School to provide children with the best possible start to their education.

We are very proud of our children’s achievements and hope that you will enjoy celebrating their learning with us.

Mrs. Luisa Lang



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