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February 22nd 2021

To: All Parents of Healey Junior, Infant and Nursery School,

Good morning, It was great to hear yesterday that ALL pupils can return to school from Monday 8th March - we look forward to the children returning! I will write to you this week in more detail about school organisation (e.g. staggered start & finish times / breakfast & after school clubs). We will still need to strictly adhere to Covid Safety guidelines, but it's great to know that all our children will soon be back at school. Thank you for your continued, fantastic efforts of home schooling - I know it has not been easy for some families. Kind regards, Mrs Lang
From: Mrs Lang


Friday 8th January 2021: 
If you do not have a device at home, for home learning, please contact the school office: office@healeyschool.co.uk / 01924 326386. We will list families who do not have a device and be back in touch because we have a limited number available. Please remember X Boxes and Play Stations can be used to connect to the internet  for online learning.

Thursday 7th January 2021: 

We can request mobile data increases for children who do not have fixed broadband at home or for families who cannot afford additional data for their devices,  Children with access to a mobile phone on one of the following networks might be able to benefit: Three / Smarty / Virgin Mobile / EE / Tesco Mobile / Sky Mobile
Other providers may join the scheme at a later stage.  This will allow other devices to connect to the internet via a mobile phone so children can access remote education.  If you would like me to make a request, the following information is needed: 
the name of the account holder
the number of the mobile device
the mobile network of that device (for example Three)
whether you pay monthly or pay as you go.

If this is something you would like, please email your details to the Headteacher (parents have been given the email address).

The increase in data cannot be guaranteed, but requests can be made. 


Wednesday January 6th 2021


Tuesday January 5th 2021

Tuesday January 5th 2021


To: All Parents of Healey Junior, Infant and Nursery School,

Dear Parents/ Carers, The latest Government announcement now means that school will only be open for key worker and vulnerable children, as of tomorrow - Tuesday 5th January. Please come to the main office - 8.30am - 9.00am. Online learning (or paper based resources if necessary and for younger children) will be provided. We can support families that need a chromebook for online learning.

Take care, Mrs Lang


Sunday 3rd January - Important Update:

As you may have heard, emergency meetings have taken place yesterday afternoon and today with unions. Consequently, the majority of Healey School children will need to learn from home, remotely using Purple Mash, or having work sent home by teachers for this week. It will be reviewed this week and further communication will be given. We will only be having certain classes in school AND key worker children. If you are a key worker please come to the main office from 8.30am, where your child will be allocated a key worker class. (Please bring evidence of being a key worker). Please adhere to social distancing outside the main office. Staff will be on duty to assist. We will also be inviting some vulnerable children into school, where we know it is imperative that they are learning in school, rather than at home - these families will be contacted. A separate message will be sent to you if your child is in a class that is in school, not learning from home. I am sorry for the lateness of this message and I thank you for your understanding. Kind regards, Mrs Lang.


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2nd January - Message sent to parents via Ping and email: School will be open for all children from 8.30am on Monday 4th January. Please ensure your child arrives at school before 9.00am - we do not want people coming in late and entering school from the main office. Access to the office is limited.

With the new variant of Covid, we need to be extra vigilant about observing social distancing when dropping off and collecting children, and face coverings must be worn on schools grounds. Please maintain a 2m distance from your child's classroom door. All meetings will be via telephone or online - no face to face meetings will be taking place.

We regularly review our risk assessment and will be ensuring all necessary precautions are being taken to mitigate the transmission of the virus. The message of "Hands - Face - Space" and good ventilation are key factors. Windows will be open in all classrooms, although the heating will be on, children will need to wear warm under garments and jumpers. Please also remember to provide indoor footwear for your child to change into.


Special arrangements for SEND pupils, in relation to COVID-19.

Following the closure of schools from the 23rd March 2020 Government guidelines stated: 

Vulnerable children include those who have a social worker and those children and young people up to the age of 25 with education, health and care (EHC) plans.

Those with an EHC plan should be risk-assessed by their school in consultation with the local authority (LA) and parents, to decide whether they need to continue to be offered a school or college place in order to meet their needs, or whether they can safely have their needs met at home. This could include, if necessary, carers, therapists or clinicians visiting the home to provide any essential services. Many children and young people with EHC plans can safely remain at home.

In order to ensure that our pupils with EHC plans are supported we have consulted families with regards to whether or not their child needs to attend school. We have ensured that the expectations for work being done at home is understood and that pupils can access the work being set by school staff. As a school we are undertaking weekly check ins to ensure that pupils outcomes are kept at the forefront and that their emotional needs are being met. Work set by class teachers takes into account the needs of the pupils in their classes and is open-ended in nature to allow pupils to engage with and further their own learning. 

We are aware that the transition period for our pupils with SEND has been greatly affected by the current situation and we continue to work alongside our secondary colleagues to ensure that the information needed is shared. As the summer term progresses we will begin to send out transition style material that will endeavour to support all our pupils at this transitional time. 

External agencies will only become involved if necessary following the usual graduated response process. 

Any further queries regarding SEND at this time can be emailed to either Mrs Widdop (SENDCo) or Mrs Virr (Deputy SENDCo) at office@healeyschool.co.uk

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