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Our Curriculum Statement ( For further Information about our Curriculum please contact the Headteacher, Mrs.Lang)

Healey Junior, Infant and Nursery School

Our School Curriculum

Curriculum Statement

At Healey JIN School, our curriculum provides exciting opportunities to develop cultural capital through developing attitudes, skills and essential knowledge needed to enable our pupils to become responsible adults, who can make a positive contribution to the modern, multicultural world. We celebrate diversity and we are committed to giving the support and encouragement that children need to raise aspirations, unlock potential and achieve excellence through a “can do” attitude . 

Our core values influence the half termly themes that offer continuity and progression of the school’s curriculum.  We therefore believe that our curriculum must be purposeful, engaging, active and connected in the following ways:

  • Have a starting point which builds on that which children already know, understand or are able to do.
  • Enable children to know more than they did before as it progresses, giving them opportunities to make connections.
  • Enable children to use their growing knowledge and understanding to develop skills for life.
  • Allow all children to encounter real life experiences, to provide them with increased opportunities for vocabulary development, and a wider view of the world around them.
  • Take account of the growing body of knowledge which deepens our understanding of how children learn.
  • Enable all children to take an active part in their learning.
  • Enable all children to achieve, taking every possible step to overcome barriers to learning.

Quality first teaching caters to the needs of all pupils and is supplemented by wave 2 &3 interventions for disadvantaged and SEND pupils. 1:1 support is in place for children with a high level of need and nurture groups are timetabled for emotional and social aspects of learning. Catch up programmes are in place for groups of children throughout school and DfE initiatives are being maximised to improve learning e.g. NTP and the Nuffield Intervention Programme.  Closing the learning gaps and meeting the needs of all children is our priority.

Our remote learning offer is intended to emulate learning in the classroom.   Meaningful and ambitious work is set each day, within a wide range of subjects. Children have access to recorded direct teaching and receive purposeful feedback. Live sessions are taking place and continue to develop across school.  SMSC, health and wellbeing are prioritised along with ensuring that no child is left behind.

Nelson Mandela said ‘Education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world.’. We know this is our responsibility and we are listening.


  • Raising self belief and self-esteem 
  • Developing confident, independent learners who can work collaboratively
  • Succeeding in learning through building resilience and perseverance 
  • Aspiring to achieve personal bests
  • Child centred approaches that provide opportunities to enrich experiences of the wider world through an engaging curriculum
  • Promoting listening, questioning, understanding and empathy
  • Recognising and celebrating differences in ethnicities, beliefs, cultures and lifestyles
  • Understanding individual interests, skills and abilities 
  • Building parental partnerships and community cohesion with mutual respect as a core value
  • Supporting wellbeing for children, families and staff 
  • Prioritising safeguarding procedures 
  • Empowering staff through CPD and training: (e.g. NPQH / NPQSL x2 / NPQML x 3 / L5 SBM Diploma / NVQ L3 Teaching Assistants)

Our Curriculum is underpinned by:

  • The use of oracy and the development of the spoken word, which is encouraged through every aspect of school life
  • Reading is highly valued at home and at school, developing a lifelong love of reading
  • Developing high aspirations and enterprise among our pupils and their parents
  • Enabling our pupils to form a sense of identity with their community through topic work and community links to gain an understanding of their heritage and an understanding of the local history, using our local environment as a resource for learning
  • Preparing our children for their role in a global community by widening their understandings of their own and other faiths and cultures
  • Supporting and developing our pupils’ emotional and social well-being and their readiness to learn

A child-centred and child-led approach

We want our pupils to feel that they have some ownership of the curriculum.  They tell us that they like learn in the following ways and we will build in as many opportunities as possible for this to happen:

  • Thinking and learning alongside their peers, working in friendship groups when appropriate 
  • Doing practical things
  • Using computers
  • Learning outside the school building
  • Taking responsibility for teaching others about something they have learned
By developing these skills we will enable Healey children to become:-
  • Active, independent learners, who can work collaboratively
  • Excited learners with the opportunity to follow their interests
  • Proficient in having good skills for life long learning
  • Confident and have high self-esteem and self belief
  • Confident to take manged risks and to not be afraid to make mistakes 
  • Well-mannered and respectful to all people, places and the environment

The National Curriculum

The National Curriculum contains the programmes of study and attainment targets for all subjects, at all key stages.

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