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Extra-Curricular Activities

At Healey School we endeavour to provide a curriculum that is rich, broad, balanced and purposeful for all of our children. The opportunity to choose from a range of exciting extra-curricular activities enables children to explore their individual interests. Activities will run for approximately one term (though some dates may be subject to change)

It is expected that parents take responsibility for the collection of children promptly after each club. All clubs will commence from 3.20pm until 4.20pm with the exception of some specified sports.

Day Club Year Group Staff and location
Monday Runnng club 3,4,5,6 15.20-16.15- Mrs Rhodes on the field
Tuesday Dodgeball 1,2,3 15.20-16.20- SSFA in the hall
Thursday Football 4,5,6 15.20-16.20- Provision in the hall
  Choir 4,5,6 12.30-13.00 Mrs Medley in her classroom