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National Tests for Primary Schools 2021 (SATS)

Statutory assessment at primary school is about measuring school performance, holding schools to account for the work they do with their pupils and identifying where pupils require more support, so that this can be provided. Primary assessment should not be about putting pressure on children.

In 2021 there will be the following assessments: 

  • Year 1 Phonics Sceening Test   -  Starts from June 7th 2021
  • ANNOUNCEMENT -  As pupils in Year 1 did not complete thier Phonics Screeining Test as a result of school closure, they will complete it during the Autumn term of 2020 when they are in Year 2. Pupils will then have a further opportunity to pass in the summer of 2021.  (Further details to follow)
  • Year 2 (KS1) Sats Test in Reading & Maths -   During the month of May 2021
  • Year 4 The new Multiplcation ( Times Tables ) Test  -  To be completed in the 3 week period starting from June 7th 2021
  • Year 6 (KS2) Sats Test in Reading, Maths, Spelling Grammar & Punctuation   - May 2021 (See further information below)



KS2 Sats 2021

Normal schedule, however the school will make a decision later in the year as a result of the Government announcement.

Announcement: KS2 Sats 2021

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