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Primary Engineering

Primary Engineering challenge -Ready, Steady, Go! 

Year 6 parents are joining their children every Thursday to help them create an electric car.  Each week, they will work together using different materials and tools to build their vehicle ready for the end of term race. 

Our Parents' Comments:

"I was surprised that the project was making a car in year 6. Hafsah and I had to do the measurements as accurate as possible. It is fun to be working with her." 

"It was really good, all the Mum's (and dads) enjoyed spending time with the children. It has been fantastic, I can't wait for next week." 

"It was a good session, we were able to get quite a lot done and it was all accurate, which is good." 

"It's getting intense now! We have all the wheels on. It looks good, really enjoying the sessions and I can not wait to see the end result." 

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