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Wk 2 - Cooking On An Open Fire

Parents' comments:

"I really enjoyed making the fire in the stove, the kids loved the wraps and marshmallows"

"First time coming, really enjoyed it, it was also my first time lighting a fire. Plenty of encouragement given, see you next week" 

Wk 3 - Big Cook Little Cook 

This week was fantastic, it allowed everyone to build on the new fire starting skills they learnt last week. Once we agreed our jobs, everyone quickly went to their area to prepare. We worked together to use the ingredients brought to make pizza wraps. It was lovely to see more parents join us this week and gave us an opportunity to share our new skills. 

Week 3 Pupils' comments:

"My mum is so amazing because she's kind and she helps me"

"My Mummy is kind and she is amazing because she did the slack line blindfolded!" 

"Our Mummy is special and she gives us things and makes brilliant food. We both did the rope walk blindfolded." 

Wk 3 Parents' Views: Outdoor challenges 

Outdoor challenges tested us all this week. We all had to help each other to get in and out of the hammock. It was so relaxing laid down looking at the trees. The next challenge was to walk the slack line, it was very wobbly but with the support and encouragement we nearly all managed it!

It was an amazing feeling to show the children what we could do. The children loved swinging in the hammocks together, the children put blindfolds on to walk the slack line. This then challenged us to have another go, the children were much more confident than us parents. 

Wk 4 - Bucket Gardening - tin herb gardens

This week was very relaxing! After tea and biscuits, we discussed gardening skills or what we would like to learn. After a walk around the school grounds to identify different plants using the app, we then designed and created tins to plant seeds in. Using sticks we labelled the herbs. The activity was very rewarding and relaxing!

Parents' Views:

"Really lovely planting activity, loved it! Thank you."

"Lexi enjoyed planting some seeds and she can't wait for them to grow." 

"I enjoyed decorating the tin" 

Wk 6 - Woodland Walk

On a beautiful autumn day, everyone had the opportunity to visit the Batley Park. A long walk together into the woods was lovely.  Using the Seek app on each other’s phones we are able to identify different plants in the woods. Then we sat together and drew something that we found interesting. It was very relaxing! On the way back down to the cars we had an added treat, we saw a lovely couple who had just got married and had the opportunity to congratulate them. What a wonderful afternoon!


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