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School Data

Key Stage 2 Results (2017)

Reading: 47.3 % achieved the standard:    National 71.4%

Reading Average Scaled Score  97.8: National 104.1

Writing 63.6% achieved the standard:  National 76.3%

Maths 61.8% achieved the standard : National 74.8%

Maths Average Scaled Score 101 : National 104.2

Grammar,Punctuation & Spelling 60% Achieved the standard :  National 76.8%

Grammar,Punctuation & Spelling Average Scaled Score 102.7 : National 106

Reading, Writing & Maths ( Combined) 38.2% achieving expected standard: National 61%

Key Stage 1 Results

% at Expected Standard in Reading,Writing & Maths 43.1%: National 67.3

Phonics Screening Results (Year 1)

The pass mark was 32/40 words read correctly. 59.3% of our year 1 children met the expected standard: National 81.3

Of our children in Year 2 who retook the phonics screening, having not met the standard at the end of Year 1, 53.3% of pupils met the expected standard

EYFS Results

62.3% of our reception children achieved a Good Level of Development at the end of the foundation stage: National 70.7%

School Results

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Primary School Accountability in 2016 National Curriculum

This is a technical guidance on primary accountability and school-level progress measures.This guide explains more about the primary accountability measures for 2016 including how a school’s progress scores are calculated.