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School results 2017

Click on the documents below to view the results for the end of Reception (EYFS), Year 1 Phonics, End of Key Stage 1 (Y2) SATs and end of Key Stage 2 (Y6) SATs.
Tests are marked and results are categorised into outcomes as stated in the key of each summary sheet.

Key Stage 2 Results (Year 6)




Please note- this data is based on provisional data, because of this when the data is verified in December, the combined score for reading, writing and maths will have increased to 42%.

Key Stage 1 Results (Year 2) 



Phonics Screening Results (Year 1)

The pass mark was 32/40 words read correctly.


EYFS Results (Reception)

62.3% of our reception children achieved a Good Level of Development at the end of the foundation stage: National 70.7%


School Results

Please click on the link to view the school results and performance tables.


Primary School Accountability in 2016 National Curriculum

This is a technical guidance on primary accountability and school-level progress measures.This guide explains more about the primary accountability measures for 2016 including how a school’s progress scores are calculated.

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