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                                        Nursery Admissions Policy                                        

June 2015                                        

Healey J, I & N School  Nursery Admissions 


Responsibility for admissions to the nursery class

Responsibility for making decisions regarding admissions to the schools nursery class lies with the Headteacher and Governors of the school. The Headteacher is also responsible for the day to day administrative arrangements that need to be made to ensure that the requirements of this policy are followed.


Age Range

The nursery class at Healey J, I & N School is able to  provide free early years provision for children from the term following their third birthday,  if there is an available place.


Applying for a place at the nursery

Parents should apply for a nursery school place no later than the dates indicated in the table below.  Application forms are available from the school.

The Headteacher will keep a list of children’s names and the names and addresses of the parents who have requested a place in the nursery class. This will be called the Nursery Admissions List.

Child’s 3rd birthday

Falls between:

Place available from:

Application Deadline

Parents will be Notified by:

1st April and

31st August

Start of the Autumn


(Early September)

1st May

1st June

1st September and

31st December

Start of the Spring


(Early January)

1st September

1st October

1st January and

31st March

Start of the Summer


(After Easter)

1st January

1st February

The length of time a child’s name has been on the admissions list will not be taken in to consideration.

The head teacher will inform parents by letter whether it has been possible to allocate their child a place.


Application for a place in the school

All children will be considered equally for a nursery place, regardless of whether they may eventually apply for a place in the reception class in our school.

Conversely it needs to be clearly understood that a child attending our school for their early years entitlement is not given priority into our reception class.

Parents will need to apply separately for a reception class place. The responsibility for admission to the reception class rests with the local authority as explained in the Primary School Guide for Parents.


Starting and finishing times and flexibility

Healey nursery offers two daily 3 hour sessions over 5 days a week:

Morning session from  08.40am  to 11.40am

Afternoon session from  12.30pm  to 15.30pm

Parents may express a preference for morning sessions or afternoon sessions on their application form.  If  there are more requests for a particular session than places available the headteacher will use the  criteria  below to  allocate morning or afternoon  places .


Criteria for admission into the nursery class if oversubscribed.

Admission to our nursery class is based on the expression of parental preference.

The headteacher will organise a panel to consider all applications for admissions if places are oversubscribed. The panel will consist of the headteacher, a member of the governing body, and the teacher in charge of the nursery. A local authority officer will offer support and guidance if required.

If there are more applications than places available the headteacher will use the following criteria.


The criteria

Priority for a nursery place will be given to:

  1. Looked after children, children on the child protection register or those who are thought to be at risk of abuse or neglect.

     (Examples may include children who are active cases for social care colleagues and children on the child protection register).

  2. Children with exceptional, medical, social and educational needs identified by health, education or social care colleagues. Evidence should accompany applications.

    (Examples may include children identified by the pre-school assessment service as having special educational needs, or as requiring assessment to decide if they have such needs; children who have needs identified by medical professionals; children living in families considered to be exceptionally disadvantaged in relation to the usual circumstances for the area; children who have limited or no access to English speaking environments.)

  3. Children who live in the Priority Admission Area (PAA) in age order
  4. Children who live outside the PAA but who have an older sibling attending the school in age order
  5. Children who live outside the schools PAA in age order
  6. Extra district children in age order.


Waiting List

Once places have been allocated, and where it is not possible to offer some children a place in the nursery class because it is full, it will be possible for children’s names to be added to a waiting list if parents specifically request it. Any places that then become available will be offered from the waiting list in accordance with the school’s criteria for admissions (see above). Places will be offered on a termly basis. Only in exceptional circumstances will children be able to start at nursery in mid term.

Parents may choose not to accept the offer of a place for their child but they must indicate whether they wish their child’s name to remain on the waiting list for admission in the following term.  They will then be considered for a nursery place along with any other eligible children. This may mean that a place is no longer available and a place at another setting may need to be sought.



Transfer from one provider/nursery to another can only happen at the start of term unless there are exceptional circumstances which must first be approved by the local authority (Early Years Provision Working Group).  A transfer is dependent on a place being available.


Right of appeal

As nursery provision is non-statutory the school’s decision will be final and there is no formal right of appeal. However, the headteacher will be happy to discuss any concerns parents may have about the allocation of places.

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