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New Classes for September 2020

Classes 2020-2021

The table below outlines which class your child will be going into in September.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact school. 

Previous class

New class - (Teacher and Teaching Assistant)

Reception- Mrs Norcliffe

Year 1 EG/NH Mrs Jodrell-Gregson & Mrs Hussain

and Miss Nadat

Reception-Mrs Milligan and Mrs Norcliffe

Year 1 HC -  Miss Chittenden and Mrs Keogan

Year 1HC

Year 2 CV  - Mrs Virr and TA

Year 1RS

Year 2 VC -  Mrs Carroll and Mrs Makda

Year 2CV

Year 3 SO -  Mrs Orme and Mrs Quinn

Year 2VC

Year 3 EMS Ms Maxwell-Strutt and Mrs Gamble

Year 3SO

Yerar 4 KJ  - Miss Johnson and Mrs Dickinson

Year 3EMS

Year 4 EB  - Mrs Bowers and Mr Ayres

Year 4EB

Year 5 MM -  Mrs Medley and Mrs Hughes

Year 4RH

Year 5 KF - Mr Feltham and Mrs Knapton

Year 5KF

Year 6 SW -  Miss Waza and Mrs Allott

Year 5MM

Year 6 RC - Miss Charlett and Mrs Varley

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