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Autumn 2 in Reception Class

Our Christmas Show

We really enjoyed taking part in our Christmas show together. We learnt lots of songs, and even performed our own short story about Santa Claus. Well done everyone!

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Anti-Bullying Week

This week, we celebrated Anti-Bullying Week at school. We wore our odd socks to school on Monday, and we designed our own pair of odd socks for the school competition. Our word of the week was kindness, and we thought about different ways in which we could show kindness towards others.

The children came up with the following top tips:

1. Help someone if they fall over or hurt themselves

2. Be kind and share things with other people

3. Wave and smile at people 


Author Visit

The children were joined by the author Sophie Edgar this week. She shared her new book 'When Mr Bumble Came to Stay' with the children, and they thoroughly enjoyed it. She encouraged the children to use props and drama to role play different elements of the story. 

Key messages raised and shared:

*If you find a bee comes close to you, don't worry. Just stop, stand still and it will soon fly away. 

*Do not harm living things. 

*Do not pick petals or the leaves off trees.

Reception 5Reception 6

Our First Week of Learning

The first week back after the holiday has been a busy one! We talked collectively about the importance of celebrations and discussed who, why and how people celebrate.

We have spent the week learning about Halloween, Diwali and Bonfire Night. 

In maths we have enjoyed learning how to represent the number 4 in different ways. We used different counting equipment, numicon, a tens frame, and have drawn what the number looks like pictorially and as a written numeral (number). 

Take a look at our wonderful work...

Our theme for this half term is Earth and Beyond.

Personal Social Emotional Development

-Getting to know the routines with greater confidence and independence (self-registration, milk tag, coat peg, snack routines -children to put their own straw in their milk, playing, tidying up)

-Using provision and activities independently

-Sharing space and toys– golden rules

-Listening and communicating with all the adults in Reception unit–attention and concentration

-Playing and sharing with other children

-Developing relationships

-Using toilet and washing hands independently

-Remembrance Day

-Children in Need

Communication and Language

-Continue with ‘rhyme of the week’.

-Continue with ‘word of the week’.

-Sing favourite traditional rhymes (links to Charanga).

Let’s talk:


-Diwali the festival of light

-Bonfire Night

-Seasonal changes

-Autumn, nocturnal and woodland animals 

-Remembrance Day

-Children in Need


-Christmas celebrations

Christmas Production

Story focus: Room on the Broom, Gruffalo, Owl Babies, Whatever Next, Nativity story.

Physical Development

Gross motor

Follow Get Set 4 PE planning

Outdoor gross motor activities: balancing, throwing and catching, climbing, different bikes, basketball hoops, running races, jumping, digging, ribbons on sticks for firework dance, using small equipment, bats and balls, quoits, hoops.

Fine motor

Threading beads, hole punching leaves, weaving around pinecones and sticks, using pipettes in water play and with paint, using tweezers, mark making, cutting lines and shapes, using a variety of malleable materials and mark making tools.

Self care

Toileting & keeping clean


Wk 1 – Read ‘Room on the Broom’.

Writing activities-

1) sequencing and labelling characters from Room on the Broom

2) drawing objects to put into the cauldron and labelling them.

Wk 2/3 – Read ‘Gruffalo’.

Writing activities-

1)label the character names

2)label the Gruffalo and his body parts

3) letter from Gruffalo inviting the characters to a party

4) shopping list for gruffalo crumble / party items

Wk 4/5 – Read ‘Whatever Next’

1) labelling pictures from the story (words and simple captions for HA it is red, the cup)

2) list writing for what baby bear took with him

3) story map with labels/captions

4) labelling an owl/describing an owl with simple captions

Wk 6/7-Nativity Story and Production



Focus on subitising, cardinality, ordinality and counting of, composition of numbers up to 5 and compare them.

WRH Maths

Light and Dark unit

– children count on and back to 4. They count or subitise sets of up to 4 objects to find how many and make their own collections of objects. They match the number names to numerals and quantities and are able to say which sets have more and which have fewer items. When counting, they continue to learn that the final number they say names the quantity of the set. They use their one mark-making to present numbers to 4.

-Continue with shape knowledge from 1,2,3 unit. Identify that squares and rectangles have 4 sides.  Children to build their own and explore them in a variety of different orientations and sizes.

-Children continue to subitise up to 5 items and to count forwards and backwards, accurately using the counting principles. They represent up to five objects on a five frame. Link to birthdays and number songs and rhymes with 5.

-Continue to count, subitise and compare as children explore one more and one less.

-Understand the difference between night and day and order key events in their daily routines. Begin to measure time in simple ways.

Understanding of the World

Wk1-Halloween – who, why and how did we celebrate it. Spells and explosive fizzy potions.

-Diwali the festival of light- who, why and how is it celebrated. Create a lotus blossom (symbol of welcome) using coloured sand, create a lantern out of salt dough and decorate it. 

-Bonfire Night - who, why and how is it celebrated, talk about fire and firework safety.

Wk 2/3 -Autumn, nocturnal and woodland animals - naming different animals and their body parts.

Wk 4/5-Space – moon, stars, night, dark, day, sun.

Wk6/7-Christmas celebrations - who, why and how is it celebrated. 

-Christmas Production

Ongoing-Seasonal changes –– How do we know it is Autumn/Winter? What is the weather like today? Freezing/melting – snow, ice

Expressive Arts and Design

Wk1 - Witch’s broth and explosive fizzing potions.

Fireworks music with gathering drum, dance and create firework paintings (explore colour, texture, light, shape - trickle fluorescent paint onto black paper and sprinkle glitter).

Wk2/3 – Making poppies, Autumn song – (leaves are falling down) Gruffalo clay models, Little Brown Mouse house, owl craft using sticks and leaves.

Wk 4/5 - Colour mixing. Dark and light– black and white and space paintings, junk modelling space crafts, rockets,

Wk 6/7- Playing with ice, fake snow, Christmas cards, calendars, party hats, decorations, mince pies, Christmas cake.

Throughout - Use small world to recreate/retell rhymes and stories.   



Trip - Oakwell Hall –

Outdoor learning - woodland autumn hunt –

Christmas production -

Autumn 1 in Reception Class

The children have settled really well into Reception class this year. We are really pleased that they feel happy and safe in school. Children are excited about their learning and look forward to the activties set by staff. 


This half term the children are learning all about the topic Being Me:

Personal Social Emotional Development

Starting school, settling in. Using continuous provision- what I can do at school. Feelings about starting school- ‘Colour Monster’.

Class rules. Code of conduct. Consequences of our actions.

Making right choices. Our class mission statement.

Kindness, kind hands (song ‘These little hands’) and feet, tidying up, friendships. How to be a good friend.

Using the toilet independently. Washing hands (song).

Oral health- cleaning teeth, no pop or sweet drinks in excess.

Communication and Language

Introduce a rhyme of the week.

Introduce a word of the week.

‘Hello’ song and ‘Are you sitting...?’ song.

Sing favourite traditional rhymes.

Let’s talk: All about me: What my name is, how old I am, what I look like, what I like to do, what I can do: ‘I can poem’, my birthday, members of my family.

Physical Development

Play dough gym.

Start using outdoors.

(Start using the hall after half term)

Visit the filed/ woodland area.


Wk 1 -4 - Baseline

Read ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs come to school’. Make our dinosaur names (Jackosaurus etc). Talk about starting school.

Write ‘I can class poem’.

Wk3- ‘Toys’ Party’- story. Ingredients/Recipes for a rael cake and pretend cake. Make/ bake the cakes- follow the order.

Feelings: ‘Colour Monster’, ‘Colour monster comes to school’ (Superheroes. ‘Supertato’ series.)

Wk4- TS: ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’,  Harvest- Little Red Hen’ (bread recipe), Rosie’s Walk (positional language).

Wk5- Woodland trip. ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’, ‘Take a Walk Little Bear’.

Wk 6- Seasonal changes: ‘Not a stick’, ‘Stanley Stick’, ‘Stick Man’, ‘Leaf Man’, ‘Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf’


Wk 1-2 Baseline

Follow White Rose Maths Planning.

Wk 3- –  Number. Counting to10, recognising numbers, counting up to 3/5 objects.

Week 4- positional language ‘Rosie’s Walk’.

Wk 5- 2D shapes. 

Wk 6- Counting sticks, leaves etc

Understanding of the World

Wk 1/2 – human body parts- non-fiction books. Face- look in the mirror: hair,eyes,skin colours.  

Wk3- Members of our family and their heritage, our pets.  Vegetables?

Wk4- harvest, collecting crops. Baking bread recipe

Wk6- Harvest,. Seasonal changes, autumn treasures, parts of a tree

People who help us- dentist.

Expressive Arts and Design

Wk 1 – Figure drawings.

Wk2 – Coat pegs cards. Self portraits.

Wk 3- Self portraits. Birthday cake- real and pretended/invented one. Making veg superheros?,

Wk4- Bread making.

Wk5- collecting autumn treasures. Making leaf men, stick men leaf printing, decorating sticks

Wk 6 – Grufallo crumble



Us of our outdoor area. Tidying up. Mud kitchen.

Safety on the climbing equipment. Use of bikes.

Visit to our field/woodland- collecting sticks ad autumn treasures.

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