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Year 1HC Miss Chittenden & Y1RS Mrs Smith

Old and New

This half term we have looked at 'Old and New' homes and toys. We launched our topic with a 'Wow day'. We invited our parents to come and play old and new games with us.

We have visited Charles Jones Court to ask the residents what games they played with when they were younger. Whilst there we sang to them “pack up your troubles” and “run rabbit “as it was Remembrance Day. We made a class poppy wreath to present to them.

In our Forest school lessons we focused on traditional tales and explored nature through stories. Outside, we tasted the three bears' porridge. On our final session we sat around an open fire and toasted bread.

Polar Adventures!

This half term we went on our very own Polar Adventure learning all about the Polar Regions.  We found out lots of information. We learnt about the weather, the animals, the towns and the people of the Arctic and Antarctica.  Using some of the information we gathered, we created some amazing fact files about Polar bears.  Did you know their mum looks after them for two years and teaches them how to swim and hunt? 

We designed and made boats to test out our fantastic WOW afternoon. For our WOW afternoon we invited our year 1 parents and together we conducted some icy experiments! 


In English we read the book ‘Lost and Found’, which was about a lonely penguin.  We learnt the story really well and wrote our own versions.

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