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Year 3 EMS Miss Maxwell Strutt & Year 3 SO Mrs Orme

Fishkeeper Fry

Year 3 are excited to have been selected to participate in Fishkeeper Fry 2020, a national learning programme developed by Maidenhead Aquatics, from the beginning of January to help teach children about the joys and benefits of fishkeeping whilst bringing some of their key science themes to life for them in the classroom.

Supported by our local Maidenhead Aquatics store, we will be following an 8-week programme during school time, designed to teach the children how to set up an aquarium properly and care for their fish in the classroom. All the equipment for the programme and all the learning resources have been provided to us completely free of charge by Maidenhead Aquatics and their supporting partner Fluval. You can find out more about the programme and what the children will be getting up to here: https://www.fishkeeper.co.uk/fishkeeper-fry-parents.

WeeK 4 -This week we learnt how to clean the filter.

We applied our computing and English skills to write a set of instructions:


Children's Mental Health Week-3rd-7th February


We have been learning about our emotions and how to help one another.  We all experience different emotions, at different times, and we have learned how to cope with feeling angry or sad.  We watched this video that really helped us to understand our feelings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oz1S66_pYTw

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