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Year 4EB Mrs Bowers

Year 4RH Mrs Hamill


 2019 - 2020

Autumn 1 - Africa

Autumn 2 - Romans

Spring 1 - The Mayans

Spring 2 - Chocolate

Summer 1 - The Wild West   (Including Forest School)

Summer 2 - Healthy Living


Swimming takes place in Year 4 everyThursday morning.  This is an important part of our PE curriculum.

Pupils travel by coach and must wear a seatbelt.

Swimming caps, towels, & swimsuits are required.

Jewellery must not be worn.  Health & Safety Guidelines insist that all jewellery and religious adornments are removed. Taviz pendants must be removed.   

It is advisable that you do not allow your child to have their ears pierced until the summer holidays.

Medical Issues / Exclusions

If your child has a medical issue, please ensure that the school is informed.  Inhalers must be taken (by the supervising adult) to the poolside.

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