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Autumn Term in Year 6


Visit from the National Holocaust Centre

Nicola, from the National Holocaust Centre, came to visit Year 6 on Friday 10th September.  She shared with us Leo's story - the story of a young Jewish boy living in Poland at the time of WW2.  The children were able to make links between Leo and the text 'Once' from our English sessions; they were also able to link the idea of the kindertransport to previous 'Carry my Story' work on refugees.  Nicola was impressed by all the interest shown by the children and the questions they asked.  You can find more about Leo's journey here: Trail - NHCM (holocaust.org.uk)

Forest School

Over the past week, Year 6 have learned some First Aid Skills.  Through our studies about WW2, we have discovered that Batley was bombed on 12th December 1940.  Forest School gave us the opportunity to combine our knowledge, and imagine how we would cope with a disaster out in the open, without all the usual First Aid equipment.  Pupils learned how to create splints using natural materials; how to make a pulley seat (using our fantastic clovehitch knots) to pull an injured party out of a hole; different ways of carrying an injured person (including which way would be the most appropriate) and how to make a stretcher.  We were then set a challenge: "victims of the bombings" were scattered around the field and it was our job to assess their injuries, give immediate assistance and get them to the makeshift medical centre in the safest way possible.

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