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Safeguarding in School

Healey School has robust procedures and policies for safeguarding children. These have been recognised as exemplary by other schools and copied.

Healey School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the well being of all of its pupils. Each pupil’s welfare is of paramount importance. We recognise that some children may be especially vulnerable to abuse. We recognise that children who are abused or neglected may find it difficult to develop a sense of self worth and to view the world in a positive way. Whilst at school, behaviour may be challenging. We recognise that they may exhibit concerning behaviours and at times this may impact on other children either directly or indirectly. We will always take a considered and sensitive approach in order that we can support all of our pupils.

Everyone working in or for our school service shares an objective to help keep children and young people safe by contributing to:

  • providing a safe environment for children and young people to learn and develop in our school setting, and
  • identifying children and young people who are suffering or likely to suffer significant harm, and taking appropriate action with the aim of making sure they are kept safe both at home and in our school setting

The best advice that we can give any child, or adult, if they feel that they or someone else is unsafe is to TELL SOMEONE!

Our school complies with the current Safe Practice guidance to be found in Kirklees Safeguarding Procedures at www.kirkleessafeguardingchildren.com.

Who to talk with in school

If you have any concerns about a child's safety in school then their are two people you could talk with. The Designated Senior Person for Safeguarding is the  Headteacher, Mr Dodd. The Deputy Designated Senior Person for Safeguarding is Mrs Garforth, our community Support Officer.

Safeguarding Questionnaire for Children

This is a questionnaire for children for use in school. One is with blank answers for children to have a go at, and one has answers filled in so that they can compare what they have written to what we hope they know!

Safeguarding Questionnaire for Children with Answers

Safeguarding Questionnaire for Children

Some external websites

Kirklees Safeguarding

Main Kirklees site for Safeguarding.


Childline is a free 24-hour counselling service for children and young people up to their 19th birthday in the UK provided by the NSPCC.